How do I get underscores instead of spaces by default?

DVDFab generates new subfolders for ripped DVDs based on the name of the source DVD. The generated folders used to use underscores to represent spaces in the DVD volume name (ie - “DVD MOVIE 1” would rip to a source folder named “DVD_MOVIE_1”).

At some point over the course of the last year and new DVDFab releases, the underscores went away. DVDFab no longer uses underscores in source folder names. So now “DVD MOVIE 1” rips to a source folder named “DVD MOVIE 1”. Likewise, “DVD_MOVIE_2” rips to a source folder named “DVD MOVIE 2”.

For whatever reason (I really don’t know why), I prefer the underscores instead of spaces. I’m not sure why this changed, but does anyone know of a way to update the default from spaces back to underscores? Granted, I can (and do) simply rename folders after the fact, but it does grow old. If anyone knows a way to save me this minor annoyance, please share the knowledge. Thanx much for guidance anyone can share.