How Do I get timed playback of mp3s

Once someone says it, it will be obvious.

I want to create a CD that has two files on it. One Audio file, when played will run an Mp3 of my choosing once every minute until disabled. The other file will do the same, except it will be 1.5 minutes between events.

OK , let me try a different approach.

when I push play, I want a minute to go by before the “whistle.mp3” goes off, I want this to continue every minute until I turn it off. I’ve seen the audio editors and even downloaded a few too see if it will do what I want, but no luck, not long enough delays. I want a seperate one that delays for a minute and a half.

any suggestions?

Aside from the standard “delay” between tracks, I’ve never seen anything that will do what you describe…at least not a file that you burn onto a disc (a player wouldn’t run or play a file anyway). Nero for instance has an option to add a “delay between tracks”. I’ve never noticed if it was adjustable or not. You could always simply add silence to the beginning or end of your mp3.

You can record two tracks, one with minute or minute and half silence other with your “whistle.mp3”. Than push loop or repeat on your CD player. You can also do it with one track which has silence in front of whistle.
I do not think this is what you want, but with CD it will work.
If you want to do it on DVD, than it is a different story, because you can use a menu with blank or picture background and sound track with minute of silence and whistle after, it will repeat itself on its own. Only thing, audio will have to be LPCM or AC3, unless your player is DivX compatible.

After several attempts and redirects, I was able to get the actual “Audacity”, which did exactly what I needed. I have a Gig of Ram (not enough) and it took forever to save the end product in Mp3 format. But I got it done at about 2am.

Thanks for the Help.