How do I get this movie to play using Alcohol 120%?



ok, I’m not computer savvy when it comes to this kind of stuff. I downloaded a movie and thought I would be able to play it using WMP or something simple like that. I learned I had to convert it so an ISO file. BUt then I have to download Alcohol 120% to get it to play. I searched online and they said you can play it straight out of the computer, without burning it onto a cd (b/c I don’t have a burner). so does anyone know how I can do this? ive been working at this for a while and again computers arent my thing. thanks!


What format?

Try using Video Lan Player, you will find the link in my sig. It will play pretty much anything.

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Downloading movies? Hmmmmmmmm you need a media player to do that and a good free one is VLC Media Player


Yes Jim downloaded, but we cannot prove if it is legal or not. We can’t jump to conclusions.

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Just said hmmmmmmmm


So was I :slight_smile:

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originally it was in BIN format. and then i think i converted it so ISO format and then i think i made a copy or made it into a mdf format. i was just told that i have to convert it and will be able to play is on a “virtual hard drive” or something.


Video Lan Player will play it.

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Delete please, doubled up

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w00t! thanx guys. it works! :slight_smile:


That doesn’t sound very legal.
Please be careful with what you are downloading.