How do i get the lite-on sohw-16732 to change the bitsetting

i have bought this drive and i am really getting stressed out. i have burned a lot of discs which are useless to me. i would like to know how i can change the booktype for dual layer discs on this drive. what is the firmware? and how do i activate or change the settings once i have downloaded the firmware?

if there is no good firmware out there for this drive does anyone know of any good software that can do the bitsetting? has anybody tried the software for this drive?

please help me i will appreciate it so much.

thank you.

Do you try the utility tool book type v.135 especially for Lite-On drives?
Start the tool before burning put a blank media in your drive and change the
booktype to DVD-Rom then close the app and burn with nero etc.
Here’s the link

you can also do it with DVD decrypter and Kprobe. But remember you can only change the booktype for +R and +RW

That’s right but with Liteon’s Booktype v.135 it’s possible to change the
booktype for double layer discs!

I forgot to mention check out this link for PC based liteon products.
It’s a gold mine!!!
Specifically this post