How do I get the DVD menus?

I bought 1ClickDVD to make backup copies of my DVD’s. I have some music DVD’s (that is concerts on DVD) and although I don’t want all the “extra” stuff on the DVD’s, I would like to get the song selection list that is on the DVD. I tried a few of the 1Click options, but can’t seem to get the song list. Any feedback would be appreciated.


With regular 1ClickDVD the only way to get menus is to also get the extras, with the menus and extras selection under options. With the Pro version you can do movie only menus and get what you want. You do have to hit the menu button on the remote to bring it up, however. You can get the Pro version at a steep discount if you already have 1Click. Here’s a link:…sp/?special=pro

Thanks, Bigboard. By the way, the link didn’t work, so maybe that promo ended?

Sorry, try this one, I just checked it myself. You have to scroll down near the bottom to see where you put in your registration id.