How do I get rid of WAV clicks (different problem)


I’ve searched the forum and can’t find anything similar/to help (I’ve tested DeGlitch & it shows up with no problems on any track)

Recording singles from a website using Creative Recorder Version 2.00 that are being played through Real Audio V8 Build 6…, when replayed through Creative PlayCenter Version or MUSICMATCH Jukebox Version 8.20.0081 or AudioPLUS V2.00.201 etc etc, there is no problem.

I’m now wanting to burn tracks (Easy Audio CD Burner v3.18) and on my first attempt, find there is a crack at the end and sometimes at the beginning of each song, which is really annoying. Although I have Nero, I find it unstable and I end up throwing away disks Nero says are not compatible so I don’t use it.

I’ve got Total Recorder, Auqio and other assorted software to remove these cracks, but then the new recording/track has a new crack at the end.

Can anyone offer advice on how not to record these cracks to begin with, remove any front/end cracks when burning etc etc.

The only things (besides firewalls, AV’s etc) in use when recording are the webpage, Real Player and ‘a’ recorder. The click seems to be directly related to the start/stop of the recording. Since the tracks I’m recording are at diferent original levels of recording, I need software that allows visible adjustment to get a balance with all the tracks.

If you need further info on hardware/software please ask. The following may be of use:

Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 3
Creative SB Live! series(WDM)
MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device
Alive WMA MP3 Recorder
aSound Recorder
AudioPLUS v. 2.00 Version
Auqio Sound Studio 2.0 Version
MP3DO Inc - All Sound Recorder XP Version
MP3DO,Inc - all sound editor for all sound recorder xp Version
High Criteria inc. - Total Recorder (Professional Edition) Version 4, 4, 0, 1
jetAudio Version 5, 1, 0, 0
MP# Sound Recorder v3.6

Thks, Liam