How do i get rid of the Warning clip but still keep menu?


I got a dvd video that contain this annoying warning clips, I try to use dvdshrink to do a re-author but the menu would be gone. My question is that how can i keep everything as is but jut delete the warning signs?

p.s. sry if i have asked an old question but i cant find the other thread here.

Sometimes the warning is in its own VOB and you can just eliminate it from the copy. Often the warning is built into a main VOB and it would require more editing ability than I can provide.

You can try DvdReMake. Pro version has more functionality and can do almost anything you want. Also VobBlanker (freeware) can do this as well, but it does not handle multi-angle nor ILVU titles. All these will retain menus.

Ok thankz, I will give these a try, these softwares also lets me elimiate clips also right?

??? Yes. Isn’t that what you’re asking? So I mention these tools for you. They can do lots more than just hiding/blanking clips. Please read its functionality and the development history.

VobBlanker is excellent for removing warning stills among other things. Also useful for stripping unwanted audio tracks to provide more space for the video. Takes a little getting used to, but there are tutorials around to help you.


VobBlanker got the job done, I’m still looking foward to getting the hang of it :bigsmile:

I’ll have to give it a second look as well. I never could actually be sure it was doing anything before.