How do i get rid of the files that my comp. stores after i finish backing up my movie



ok i have been backing up movies for a while now i have a question how do i get rid of the files that my comp. stores after i finish backing up my movies i mean i know it has something to do with the cache or something like that it just seems that after i burn a certain number of movies my comp starts to get a lot of corrupt burns and then starts to sound like its straining when i had norton 2k4 i used to be able to get rid of these files that bog down the system after burning with the protected recycle bin now its staying on the computer some kind of way please let me know how i can get rid of the files that are stored after i burn or let me know what settings i have to cange in nero bvy the way i am using nero burning rom :confused:


There should be a box with nero and dvd decryptor for you to check to delete the image when done. If you dont see iyt you may need to update to a newer version…you can also right click the protected recycle bine and click on empty protected files and choose to purge all. As well you should defrag often if you back up alot of movies. some thing you could also do is go into my computer and right click the hd you are talking about and got to the drivres properties and do a disk clean up.

Normally I leave them on my hd untill I hev time to check and make sure everything went ok but I have plenty of space as well. As long as you use good media and good firmware everthing should be ok with the burn…

If you are putting things on your computer and then removing them all the time I would recomend that you make a good maitnance program for your self just to keep things cleaned up and in order. If you were to do this you would notice things run a little smother and things like defraging wont take as long.

Hope this helps some


:bow: ok but check it out though i have the new norton i have no idea where the protected recycle bin is is there any other way for me to get to these files so i can delete them off of my hd when i had the old norton i was able to get rid of these files no problem but now that i have the new norton theres no way to tell where these files are being stored or how to get rid of them i know its the protected files because i used to run smoothly when i was able to get rid of them please help me and yes i defrag after every so many burns but thank you also


If you’re running Norton anti-virus 2005 there is no protected files in the recycle bin.
Get a little utility called i.disk. It lists all your directories/sub-directories with the usage against each. This should point to where all these files are. Here’s a link for it .


You DON’T want to just “delete” them off your HDD. Windows keeps deleted file log entries, so technically the file is NOT fully deleted. Don’t believe me, go here and try IOLO System Shield See how much space on your HDD has UNSECURE deleted files!!! :iagree:
Use something like IOLO Search&Recover 2. :bow: . It properly TERMINATES files. Go here for it :bow: