How do I get radio on my computer



hey all

I was just wondering how i can pick up my local radio station on my P.C. I have the newest WMP and and highseed interenet, if that helps.



You may want to use a searchengine first entering the name of the station.


In Internet Explorer, try looking in Favourites, the Links. There is a Radio Guide there


They may or may not broadcast to the internet. I think that people in the olde days of yore used to use FM tuner cards. As chef said, google your station name maybe along with streaming or stream or online and see if you get any hits.

If you’d put the name of the station it would probably have been found for you already if it exists. If you’ve found it already and it’s a particular stream type you’re not having any luck playing in WMP, perhaps try winamp.


install winamp (free) and find a radio here


In fact, just google it !!!


Give this a whirl.


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