How do I get my hands on *really* old firmware for xbox360?

I own 2 xbox360 's. One has a Samsung drive and operates on 5.x firmware. I know really old, but as I don’t play online, I don’t care for it.

The other has a Philips/Benq drive and has unknown firmware. I bought it this way and never got the original firmware.

The old one is playing all my backups. The new one doesn’t. So now I’d like to flash the Benq one with older firmware, to see if that’s the solution. I know the Benq came later, so 5.x may be not available.

Is there some kind of archive? google won’t help me.

well BenQ i am pretty sure don’t have OLD Firmware like the Samsung does. but…

“BenQ Xtreme_non_stealth.rar” is the file you most likely want. (you should just be able to re-read the firmware out of the drive. then take the drive key out of the firmware you extracted from the drive. then inject it into that firmware i linked you to and then flash it back onto your drive and you should be golden :slight_smile: ) … that should work :wink:

p.s. normally you can find OLD firmwares etc from the #xbins channel on IRC (@ (you typically need a FTP Client to connect to it. and once inside the IRC channel you type “!list” (without the ") and the bot will PM you with the login info etc which you then input into a FTP Client like FileZilla etc. also… Xbins is pretty much the official source to get your firmware files as you can guarantee anything you get from there is un-tampered with etc… ALTHOUGH if the file loads up in Jungle Flasher and Jungle Flasher recognizes the file then that’s also a good way to tell if the file you got is legit.)

[B]WARNING: make SURE you get your drive key from the BenQ drive and then inject it into that firmware BEFORE ‘erase’ or ‘write’ to the BenQ drive. otherwise your XBox360 will be complete junk! (i.e. you XBox360 becomes a expensive DVD Player as it wont be able to play games at all on it anymore) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT![/B]

This is great help! Hope to have time on my hands tomorrow to take apart the xbox. I will report afterwards!

I just succesfully flashed an Xbox360 myself. Thanks to this forum/NBR and a great tutorial on Youtube. Gotta love the internet and its users!