How do i get my games to work?



I have recently reinstalled 2 reasonably old games onto my computer, which i just felt like playing again.
They are C&C red alert 2: Yuris revenge, and The Settlers 4.
Neither of them work when i try to access them, and both seem to have a problem with the ‘main executable file’. I am hopeless with computers, so i have no idea of what to do.
The error screen that appears for Settlers 4 has the title S4_Main.exe - Fatal Error
it then says
fatal error: Exception 0xc0000094 at 0x004e19a6!

Yuris revenge just comes up with a ‘send error report’ and says main executable has encountered a problem and needs to close

Is there anything i can do to fix this problem that anyone knows of??
I would be very grateful if there is!!



Enable compatiblity mode, try again.


It works!!
thank you very much!
Obviously i am a retard


It is just a good idea to ask. Without it, humans wouldn’t have been at the point they are today. :wink: