How do I get my data off my dead laptop

my laptop has a bad video card but I want my pictures off the d drive…is there a program I can use without accessing my c drive operating system?:confused:

Can you access the D: drive?..Please be a little more specific…If you [I]can[/I] access the D drive, are you wanting to burn/copy the pics to a disc???
Details will help…

You would need to remove the harddrive from your laptop and use either an enclosure or an adapter (bridge) cable to attach it to another working computer.

The type of enclosure or adapter cable you need depends on whether you have an older IDE/PATA drive or a newer SATA drive in your laptop.

Here’s an example of a USB bridge cable that supports both PATA and SATA drives. I don’t have any personal experience with this particular product, however, so this is not a recommendation:

Some laptops have easy-to-remove harddrives and some are not as easy - I suggest checking the manual for your laptop; you might be able to download the manual if you don’t have it.

EDIT: All this is assuming that your D: drive is on your harddrive and is not your CD/DVD drive or a Flash card in a cardreader, in which case you can simply remove the disc/disk and put it into another computer.

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