How do I get more onto 4.7gb disc

I will apologize first if this has came up before.

But my friend has a 4.7gb disc with 3 films on it. And would like to know how this is done.
I have backed up movies before, so I know the basics.
But I have two kids and the dvds are always getting lost or scratched.etc.
As we all know these are expensive. I have managed to get the simpsons series 1 onto my computer. And they are all mpeg format.
I have a program for converting to dvd. But everytime I convert the lot it is to big for the disc.
I would just like to know how to get the whole series onto 1 disc.

thanking you in advance. :bow: :bow:

I would guess he has compressed them down to fit onto the DVD. Programs like DivX can compress movies to be played on PC’s and some DVD players while DVDShrink will compress your movies down to fit onto a DVD that should be able to be played on all DVD players. Both these programs will mean a reduction in quality of your movies.

Use DVD Shrink! It rocks! I have burned several movies, such as the Raiders of the Lost Ark boxset, onto 4.7G discs and I see NO difference between my copies and the real thing on my 53" HDTV! I used the Re-author function to ONLY copy the movie itself and only a single 5.1 DD English soundtrack per disc. DVD Shrink’s auto-compression was around 80%. I copy the movie as an ISO file on my HD. I then use Nero to burn the DVD from the ISO file. I just started burning DVD’s recently (made 19 so far) and haven’t made a single “coaster” (I probably just cursed myself)! I’m using KHypermedia DVD-R’s from Officemax, which are made by CMC Magnetics, and that I piucked up for about $.50/each :slight_smile: