How do I get mobile on my computer?



Hi, I’ve got DVDFab gold on my computer and I’ve downloaded the mobile option but when I open the program it’s only the dvd to dvd version. I wanna put movies on my PSP, please help:)!


edited=wrong info


I swear to you I would if I had that thing that says dvd to mobile on the bottom left but it doesn’t show that option.


edited = wrong info


Did you restart your computer? I have been using it for awhile so the new setup does not effect me, however it seems that the mobile features should work with gold. Click the little green circle at the top right then click “about” it should list which version is installed and if the mobile option is installed.


According to Fengtao’s website, the mobile option can be added to Gold or Platinum.


Thanks Paul, I need to set up a test rig with only trial stuff to figure out how the new all in one package installs.


I click the green check button in the top right corner and it says that the mobile option is expired. I think that I might have had it with the trial version but now I don’t. So, I might not have paid for the mobile option. But, I’m not sure, how can I check?


If it says expired you probably did not pay for it, it would be separate from the gold you paid for. just go to the web site and buy it. When you get to the choices to buy page at the web site click the “dvd fab options only” button.


if says expired then you will need to purchase mobile options


I figured it out, folks. Thank you for your input:)
I did actually have to buy it. I thought I already had bought it, but nope.