How do i get it to work



Help Ive got a Philips PBDV 1640P DVD writer and i cant get it to burn!


Install and use a proper burning app and appropriate blank CD or DVD media.



I have nero 6 and have tried loads of different disc to no avail do you think I need to upgrade to nero 7 im usin windows xp


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If your describe the [I]exact steps you take[/I] and the [I]exact problem[/I] (“can’t get it to burn” doesn’t mean much…), you’ll get much more help. :wink:

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I wouldn’t upgrade to nero 7. Update 6 to the newest version on neros site. It is relativlly bug free and works pretty well. Nero 7 is a relativlly new program that is full of bugs and problems that havent been worked out yet.
What are you trying to do, burn data, backup a movie, make your own dvd from media files, burn a music cd … If you tell us what exactlly you are trying to do we can tell you the way to go about it.


sorry im a bit vague its all very very new to me. The problem im having is that the green light doesnt come on my cd tower when the drive is supposed to be being used. Sometimes the draw will open. When I can eventually get it to work i transfer all the files that im trying to burn onto disc which are mainly photos i dont want to loose in nero 6 it tells me to put an empty disc to write to then thats it - nothing …dead sometimes i get a box that says waiting for disc. Ive tried other discs but nothing.

sorry for being so dumb on this but like i said its all very new to me



Best is to stay with Nero 6 (you could update to the latest version anyway).

Don’t use InCD for burning, try it with the Nero Burning ROM program, select an Cd template and then add the files you want to burn.
Then insert a CD media and hit burn.