How do I get faster DSL downloads?



I have dsl braodband and use a D-Link DI-604 router. A co-worker was talking about opening ports & setting download speeds, but I have no clue as to how to go about it.
I use Azureus for downloading.
Any help, or suggestions as to internet sites that could teach me it, would be appreciated.


I dont know if you get faster download but here is a link to a site that will better help you configure port forwarding on your router.

give them a try.


You can search for some dowload managers that are said to split the download and joint the parts at your end. You can also use some browsers that include facilities to manage your downloads, like opera.
At the end, those methods can increase speed or not - they will for sure increase efficiency - as it will also be lomited by the site you are downloading from, the bandwith at your end (the effective not the nominal), and your router and system conditions.


By Switching to Cable internet.


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@ Thoper
Before doing anything what connection do you have (ISP and Speed perferably) and what do you have issues with?


I’ve got Bell Sympatico & am supposed to be getting up to 5mps downloads & 800kbps uploads. My downloads are like 10-50kbps (I think). A 1gb file can take more than 1 day to download.


1Gb file from what?

Try grabbing this file (about 25Mb) from these three locations and tell what speed you get.



If you get 10-50kbps in a consistent way using a 5mps service, there is something wrong with your system/connection, if not the site you download from (it can be also a problem source).
This recalls me the 56kbps modem days.
How far are you from the phone station your line is serviced from?
If you are more than 3 kms away it can be a problem, or the contention ration of your provider it is too high.
You could use a checking software to see your connection behaviour.


Maybe you need more fiber in your diet… if it is available in your area.

My lastest results:

Download Speed: 13324 kbps (1665.5 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1842 kbps (230.3 KB/sec transfer rate)


You cannot change the download speed to the maximum of your current connection. If you have 10Mbit now, you will maximally reach 10Mbit. In fact it usually is much lower, because it’s not only your line that’s important, but how much speed the zillions of lines that you use to get the data from have. If any of these lines you use have 2Kpbs max, guess what your speed will be.

Think of your internet bandwith as highway with a set of lanes where every car (data packet) drives the same speed (usually the speed of an electron). The more lanes you use simultaneously, the more bandwith you use. Try setting up multiple downloads at different ports at the same time.

For instance: I use this download manager that opens up ten different download chunks for one file. These ten chunks come in simultaneously. I use ten different connections to get that one single file.

The TCP protocol has roughly 65000 different ports. If you would use them all for downloading you could reach amazing download speeds. Sadly some ports are already taken and most “weird ports” are blocked in the firewall setup of your router(s) and firewall(s). But there are still al lot ports that you can use.
Note that if you use too much you could also caus a gigantic traffic jam on your internet connection.

[qoute]I use Azureus for downloading. [/quote]
Get to know Azereus. Understand how it can make use of better bandwith. Understand how the torrent protocol works.


Your maximum speed is always up to the point when reaches your modem after that your Router has no effect in increasing the speed of your internet signal but as matter of fact the speed of internet signal going from your modem to router will drop in speed.


…err what?

@ Mr. Belvedere

“The TCP protocol has roughly 65000 different ports. If you would use them all for downloading you could reach amazing download speeds.”

Uhm, no… TCP/IP doesn’t work that way at all…

In general…

And I wonder how people conclude that something is wrong with the connection (which actually is very rare) with rather sparse information.


Check out the web site: They have tools for testing your connection speeds, results from others in your area, and tips for changing settings to get the most out of your connection. They even cover tweaks to your modem, and lots of other good suggestions.


For checking your speed connection you can also go to:



Erm… hold your horses :wink:
First of all dont try to fix what aint broken… we still down know what’s “slow” if its downloads from X or if its P2P downloads etc.
Messing with the TCP/IP-settings in Windows (“TCP Tweak”) is not recommended unless you know what you’re doing and for 99% defaut settings are fine. You dont even touch the modem at all harley2ride…
Why I suggested the ftp downloads (these servers have very good connectivity and high bandwidth availability) is because its in general a way better measurement than some random speed test.


The dslreports shows 2491 kb/s downloading & 380 uploading. Speakeasy shows 2568 & 372. 2wire shows 2.88 mbps. I used the NY, NY servers which are quite far from me. I’m near Niagara Falls. I would imagine that these speeds are resonable. DiiZzy, I tried those files, but it errored saying something about log in failed.
I usually use Azureus for downloading. I guess any slow down I have is because I don’t have it set up optimally. I’ll try to do some reading, but this stuff’s hard for me to understand.


You are right that you can’t use all the ports and maintain the speed. My apologies if it makes the explanaition confusing.


@ Topher
What connection settings do you have set in Azureus?
Are “regular” (HTTP) downloads also slow?
Also, have you upgraded firmware for your DI-604 router?


I have always wondered whether that site is accurate. My results are so far faster than anyone elses it seems to me that it is not.