How do I get around a missing W2K disk?

I’m about to get a 2500A from Newegg, who dropped the price to $70 now that NEC introduced the 2510A.

I went to the German NEC site and saw the notice that they don’t have the device drivers there. If I don’t come up with my original disk, can I get the 2500A driver from the Microsoft website?

What drivers, and why would you need any?

Hi QuasiMobo, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You don’t need any driver for an IDE device, either hard disk or optical. Just connect it in the correct way, and you are done.


I thought it was plug 'n play, but somehow I got the notion that I had to insert the Microsoft OS CD to pull the driver for the NEC device.

From various reviews I’ve read on the 'Net, there sure seems to be a lot of fans of this DVD burner. I’m convinced!

Anybody here using the Memorex DVD+R 4X to record on?

I have in the past. Mine was the media made by Ritek for Memorex, with the code RICOHJPNR01. Burned at 6x nicely with the stock firmware, and 8x with herrie’s hacked firmwares.

I think Memorex ended up switching away from Ritek, and now uses CMC media for their 4x DVD+R discs. Haven’t tried that.

Carefully with the Memorex now. I picked up a spindle the other day from Best Buy here in the states on sale for $39.99. It was not the RICOH I had gotten in the 10 pack with jewel case which would burn at 8x no problem, but Ritek GO2 which showed as 4x max, as advertised,even with the 107b4 firmware. Not what I was expecting so without even testing I returned it and refunded. I got quality 8x burns out of Ridata Ritek -GO4’s and Memorex + RICOHJPNR01’S . The G02’s 4x speed wasn’t attractive enough.

Here’s a post I found that may help people get the media they want in the Memorex packaging:

"If the spindle is dark black and shiny with no white foam spacers then this is a RICOHJPNR01. The top paper on this one that says “Attention 2.4x owners…” has a small hole with the size of the spindle. This one has a table with the recording time and the quality instead of graph bars.

If the spindle is black, semi shiny and no white foam spacers and the top paper has bigger then the spindle whole this is RITEK R02. The recording time diagram’s bars on the side are red.

If the spindle has a uplift edges, spindle is not shiny at all and not exactly black, has white foam spacers then this should be CMC media. The recording time diagram’s bars on the side are purple."

The memorex spindle I have matches this description, but it’s CMC media.