How do I get all four of my burners hooked to one computer

Ok guys I have been hanging around this forum for only a couple of months now, and I have learned an awful lot, but this forum has casued me to have 4 burnersā€¦ :smiley: Now my major problem is how some of you have all of them working in tandem and what is the best process to do so. I have one very old Matshita DVD-Ram burner, I only need it for my RAM discs. I have one TDK 880N with Herries firmware converting it to a 2500A, and two ND3500AGā€™s. One 3500 is not even hooked up yet because I keep the 2500 hooked up for +RW burns with booktype settings for DVD-ROM. i would really like to know how to have them all hooked up at one time so that I will be able to use them all as is necessary. All help will be greatly appreciatedā€¦

Thanks to all of you for your discussions, and a super thanks to Liggy and Herrie for all firmware hacksā€¦

I have 5 hard drives and 4 burners on my puter, i use a promise controller card for 4 of my drives and use sata for the other, i have my burners on my pri and sec motherboard ide connectors.
They always say to have your dvd drive as sec master, but have another as mas sec.

I guess that would mean I have to buy another case for my computer because it does not have room for that. Are there cases that can accommodate four burners and maybe three hard drivesā€¦I only have two hard drives at present but I really would like to have two more of those as well

Get this multidrive enclosure. You can turn it into a duplicator if you want, use RecordNow Max of course.

Is your computer a brand name?, sounds like it is due to the small sizeā€¦HP?..if it isnt just spend $30 for a bigger case, around here in new england we have computer fairs with cheap parts almost every weekendā€¦roll your own my friend!!!

I looked at som other cases at a computer show over the weekend and they all seemed to be about the same size (drive bays). I now know to look a little closer to see if they have any with 4 or 5 optical drive bays. Thanks for the help ā€¦

thanks Realnewbie I think that I may try this product first and then when I build a computer I will do what Budman suggestsā€¦

Donā€™t mention it, thatā€™s an USA pal/bud for! :slight_smile: