How do I get a video onto dvd?!

I realise that may sound like a toss pot question to ask but I just cant work it out?! I’ve got myself the He-Man & She-Ra cartoon movie (don’t ask!) onto the hard drive I want to make a back up of but when adding it to ‘create dvd’ on Nero it keeps failing halfway through. Am I supposed to make an ‘image file’ or something like that first… if so, how?!

It really depends on the format of the movie as it’s on the hDD as to what process you use to make a DVD movie.

Run GSPOT on the video’s to determine what format they are currently in. Then go to to see how to convert that format to DVD. If you are unfamiliar with creating video dvd’s, plan on doing some reading. This isn’t something you can just jump into and do. You need to consider video format, whether it’s PAL or NTSC, frame rates, audio formats, etc…

OK… I ran ‘GSpot’ on it and this is the result.

‘‘This is, or appears to be, an unsupported filetype. GSpot provides full support for AVI and OGG media streams. Based on its composition, GSpot believes the filetype to be “ASF (.WMA/.WMV)”.’’

I tried but couldn’t see how I can put this file onto a dvd so I can watch it on a everyday dvd player.

Any ideas or inspiration much appreciated!

#edit# Will these solutions (if there is one) involve buying a program? Cos obviously I’d prefer a free one with less ‘knobs on’ cos it isn’t something I’m gonna be doing all that much. Cheers.

WMA or WMV is Windows Movie Maker. Free with windows, or can download from microsoft. Also many programs to convert this format. But you need to do some reading to become familiar with Video Capture, Authoring, Editing, before trying it. Spend some time reading at

Surely he doesn’t need to know about all those things just to burn this to DVD… Video Capture, Editing… nope!

There are plenty of apps that can take a WMV file and convert it to DVD Video. My favorite is ConvertXToDVD from