How do I get a dual monitor set up going?

I’ve been running 2 monitors (the second being my VGA input TV) off my laptop but now that I have my desktop back I’d like to do it with the desktop, being the better computer.

I need to know what to do though… is it as simple as buying another GFX card to fit my desktop via PCI (as one GFX card takes up the AGP slot)? It seems that way but I want some advice before I delve into it - that and I have no idea what I’d need; I’ve jut started gaming on the PC, things like Monkey Island SE so if I play it on the big screen I’d like something competent enough to handle it (the water screens are a killer on the laptop, yet to try on the desktop).

Thanks - as always…

This might be an option:
No idea how much it costs though.
Some graphics cards (the only ones I know of are, again, Matrox, but there are probably other) can also handle two different screens, displaying different desktops on either, but the devices descibed in the link have the advantage that you can keep your current graphics card

[QUOTE=Aramchek;2312159]This might be an option:
No idea how much it costs though.
[/QUOTE]Thanks, but it’s around £200! :rolleyes:

Well the GFX card I have is AGP. Can’t I just add a PCI card to the existing set up that I have? The thing is I have no idea about what make a a GFX card a good one - the one that I have my mate sold to me.