How do I get a 5.5gb vob file to fit to dvdr

Wow am I lost. It goes like this.
First I downloaded a whole movie and it was in PAL format
So I switched it over to Ntsc using “mpeg video wizard”
I end up with a vob file of about 5.5gb, How do I get this onto a Dvdr?
I tried to use dvd2one, but it says No dvd titles found in source directory?
The movie I called “they” and the diectory is setup like this on my harddrive:
c: hey\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1(this is the only vob file- 5.5gb).

How in the world do I get this 5.5gb file onto a dvdr?
I can watch it on my computer, but I need it on a dvdr.

Thanks, and would appreciate any help. I’m somewhat new at this so please be specific with any instructions. Once again thanks.

cdfreaks doesn’t condone piracy, which you should know since you should’ve read the forum rules.