How do i generate a menu list containing audio & mpeg file info when burning to cd?

Can somebody please help?:sad:
I’m trying to produce a promo cd which when in CDrom drive shows all wav files listed 1 to 4 and a mpg file listed as 5 respectively in same menu window. I need to make it idiot proof & immediately visible for anyone interested inorder to click on the desired file. The mpg must be on the cd as last track or missing when played on a conventional cd player.
Tried so far: nero ‘mix cd’ option; burning wav files first is not possible unless in ‘multisession’. subsequent burning of mpg file on same cd in mixmode erases wav info. The desired order is possible in ‘cd extra’ but always displays subfolders ‘cdplus’ and ‘pictures’ when menu is opened & cannot be overridden. (confirmed by ahead support). wav files are not viewable in either subfolder(?)
Is there a prog. or method to overcome this? Thanks.