How do I format my HARD DRIVE back to fat 32



How do I format my external hard drive back to fat 32. I spent nearly 2 weeks trying to format it to NTFS, just to find out my ps3 doesn’t reconize that file system.

It was fairly easy in the end, to format it to NTFS. But there is no straight forward way, to going back to fat 32.

It is a Freecom 250gb Classic SL External Hard Drive. I have access to windows xp and vista, if this is any help.

Thanking you for any advice.



Tried that program mate, kept crashing on me.


Then i guess disk manager and format.exe (or is it .com) should work best.


cheers mate, i’ll give it go.


If it doesn’t work check out if can help you.


H2format does work:

Usage: h2format X: [cluster size (optional)]
X is the drive letter of the drive you want to format.


The easy way is to use the cd that came with your hard drive. However if you have a store bought PC, then just go to the manufacturers website for the hard drive you are using, and download the free utility that would have been on the cd that came with it. This will be bootable and enable you to format any way you want.