How do I flask 40125s with ZS0A and ZS0G?

i’ve made a startup diskette, but there isn’t enough room on the disk for both firmwares, only the ZS0G; i really want to use BOTH f/w, so does anyone have any suggestions?


p.s.: i do use the ZS0A in DOS, right?

p.p.s.: and what the heck is mtkflash?

I recommend reading OC-Freak’s article on using Mtkflash its very good!

Also, you dont need to put the firmware .bin files on your boot disk. If you insist on storing both binaries on one disk then just use a disk for booting and a different disk to hold your firmware binaries. Then after the system has booted in DOS mode just take the boot floppy out and replace it with your firmware floppy :smiley:

hope that helps

Since ZS0A is official you could grab it at and upgrade in windows.

ZS0G must be flashed in dos.

MTKFLASH is mediatek’s tool for reading/writing from/to the flashrom in drives that uses their chipset. (mediatek makes the chipsets that is used in many drives).

thanks! to both of you–i’m still pretty new to all of this and so ANY help is just so appreciated.

once more: thanks!