How do I flash Sony CRX195E1

How do I flash my Sony CRX195E1 to a Lite-on CD-RW?

Which firmware should I use?
(I am having a burn speed problem)

How do I save the old Firmware? can I flash back to the Sony firmware?

Etc Etc

I don’t know why you put this in the burning software forum, but I’m not a mod so I’ll just answer it.

You can flash your drive with firmware intended for a Lite-ON LTR-48125W, LTR-40125W, or LTR-40125S with mtkflash. I suggest using either ZS0N, WS09, or VS02 firmware versions. Get these Lite-ON firmwares here. You can flash back to Sony firmware if you back up your drive’s current firmware, or I will soon have the binary versions on my site.

The command to backup your drive’s firmware is:

mtkflash [x] r /b /m backup.bin

The command to flash your drive is:

mtkflash [x] w /b [filename].bin

Replace “[x]” with 1 if the drive is primary master, 2 if the drive is primary slave, 3 if the drive is secondary master, or 4 if the drive is secondary slave. Replace “[filename]” with the name of the source binary file.

Putting the post here was my mistake. Sorry. Thought I was in another forum.

Will give it a try.