How do i flash my firewire external cdrw in winxp?

Where can I find this software that runs dos withing winxp? Maybe this software is going to help me setup my IDE hard disk into the external case too. Any suggestions on how to install bios of hard drive (external firewire case) in winxp?

I don’t understand your problem…:confused:

You want to flash a firewire harddrive or?

There is no DOS in Windows XP. There is only CMD.EXE which simulates most dos functions.

When you have upgraded from Windows 9X to Windows XP , the still exists , but i don’t recommend you use that.

Do you have a seperate Firewire add-on card or internal in the motherboard. Either one should have drivers for various operating systems on the manufacturers website.

My problem is that I can’t get my computer to recognize my firewire hard disk. I have winxp, ibm firewire card and the firewire case has the oxford 911 bridge.

We need more info than that , i’m not going to search throughout IBM’s sites for just -a- firewire card. We need typenumbers for that.

Standard Windows XP should recognize the firewire add-on card first. I assume you have a PCI firewire card (although i could only find IBM PCMCIA IEEE 1349 interfaces). So if that’s recognized we’re halfway there. You can check this in the hardware properties window.

The Oxford 911 bridge is also standard recognized by Windows XP , only 98SE needs a little update here and there , but that’s just for hot plugging.

Then we still don’t know what kind of harddisk is in the case. (brand and type , i don’t care how big it is). I assume this box converts an IDE disk to IEEE 1349 (Hence the Oxford 911 bridge).

Yes it is a PCMCIA IBM firewire card. Winxp does recognize the card. However, it does not recognize my hard disk from the firewire external case. I have ME320F model. THe case has worked with a cdrw but not hard disk.