How do i flash my dvd writer drive?

just wondering if anyone can help me here ? my dvd writer drive has been acting slow the past night. it takes 2-3 times more time to burn a dvd now. a friend at work said his did the same thing before and all he did was ‘flashed it’. this was a couple weeks ago when he ran into the problem and now im unsure what do do cause hes away. does anyone know how to do this ?? thanks

Did you already check DMA?

As kg_evilboy suggested, check/enable your DMA first.

Then if you still have problems, post the make and model of your drive - we can’t give flashing advice until we have that info.

A reason why flashing worked for your friend could be that the media he was using wasn’t supported in the firmware, and thus his drive was burning at a (slow) default rate. Flashing probably added support for the media, and thus his burn speed improved.

Hard to say if you have the same problem, though.