How do i flash my 2500a

I downloaded fireware 2k5107v2b4.rar. how do flash my drive with it.

I want to flash it from windows not from dos

ok i got winrar unloaded the rare file flash the firmware. I am using ricohJPNRo1 and never got above 6.1x on burn. can someone tell me how to burn these disks at 8x.

How much data did you burn to the disc?

The NEC will not go to 8X until about 55% of a full disc, if the disc was only half full, it wouldn’t reach 8X

It was a full burn

Try Herries 107V2 beta 5 firmware

ok i flashed to 107V2 beta 5 firmware. My ricoh r01 now get to 8x. What does the booktype -rom do? And how fast can i burn my ritek G03 discs?

the booktype -rom “fools” certain dvd players into thinking that the disc is a -rom disc. certain dvd players have a hard time or do not play +r media at all. burning with the booktype -rom gives players a better compatibility rate than the +r. and i am burning my ritek g03 discs @ 8 everytime. excellent burns to i might add with my 2500a with herrie’s 107v2 beta 5.