How do i flash from fs0b back to fs07

my 411s burned 4 dvd-r’s and then 5th it said burn failed
and after that when i put in a dvd-r blank cd in it it keeps on spinning it as if theres files on it to read
so i upgrade firmware to fs07 still didn’t fix it
so i upgrade from fs07 to fs0b and still don’t work
so i want to flash it back to fs07 and then returning it
and get a pioneer a06 or something
pls help me
i’ve been trying to use this mtkflash thingy for 4hrs now
and couldn’t get it to flash

it doesn’t work when u use mtkflash and the FS07 .bin firmware?

What media are you using?

I used the ltnflash utility and loaded FS07.bin that worked. After I flashed it I ran the original liteon fs07 firmware from liteon just to be sure there was no corruption on the f/w

… yupp … use ltnflash and the FS07.bin … this way I flashed back, too …