How do i flash a Liteon LH-20A1P

I have just got the latest fw for this drive but when using the liteon windows flasher it says the size is ancorrect and wont allow me to continue. Is there another way to do this?

Cheers tashmeister

Set the flash size to 2MB and see what happens.

how do i do tht?

What firmware do you mean.

There no official firmware available for that drive.

i have one version i may not be able to share etc, KL05 but it seems tht the checksum dont add up

Is it the same as this one? >

What firmware version do you use at present.

If you flash with KL05 and the KL05 version you have is bad, you could destroy your drive.

yeah im not blind as to what a bad flash could mean on cd/dvd drives, i have also flashed a fair few xbox 360’s inc the v78 drive. I am concerned that the version i have may be a fake although it is exactly 2 meg in size? Is the one in your link official rolling56?

Got me i just saw this posted here >

I posted that firmware, and it’s not bad, you just have to know how to flash it. It’s a bin file which you flash to your drive using Flash_Utility-2.0.0. You select your drive and then select the bin file and that’s it, pretty simple.

Make sure to save the original FW before flashing just in case. In order to do so, just click on “Read Flash”.