How do I flash a drive?

I just bought a pc dvd drive and I’m trying to flash it with SDG-605B firmware so I can play use it on my xbox, but I am a total noob. I don’t know how to connect another dvd drive to my pc and flash it. If you can point me to a tutorial or just walk me through this probably simple process, it would be GREATLY appreciated. :bow:

Go to the sub forum for the maker of your drive and we will help!

very carefully.

SDG-605B is NOT firmware. That is the model of the drive that you have. (by Samsung if I’m correct).

you want to go to the samsung site and see if there are any firmware updates for this product under “support” or “downloads” or something similar.

Sounds like you have a bit of research on your hands. No one is going to create a guide just for you and walk you through this step by step. I suggest beginning by googling “installing an optical drive” or consulting the installation guide that came with the drive you’ve purchased (if it didn’t come with one, consult the manufacturer’s website).

there’s an entire subforum on cdfreaks entitled “Firmware.” I also suggest you visit there for some flashing tips. Flashing firmware is a serious thing that CAN screw up your drive. Make sure you follow the instructions on the manufacturer’s website and take heed of some of the tips in the sticky threads in the firmware forum.

Hi :slight_smile:
Hardware installation guide.If that is too brief try this. While one is from BenQ & the other from Philips, principal the same.
Samsung global site. If number relates to model, it’s not available in the US or UK.