How do I fix a bad flash? Need help bad



I have a TDK 420N burner. Its an older burner but I got it for a good price. It wouldnt burn to the DVD’s I had, so I went to the TDK Website and got the firmware update, But when installing it said “Flashing Error” and now the light on my drive keeps blinking and the eject button doesnt work. The drive is still detected by the flashing program, but everytime I try to flash it gives the same error.

Is there anything I can do to fix it? Im desperate. Any help is appriciated.

Thanks in advance.



If I remember correctly - the 420N is a rebadged Nec 1100-

Do a search above “flashing in DOS” - you may find a way our of your delema-



Thanks for the reply! I have more questions though.

I downloaded the 1100A flashing program. Do I need you use a TDK Firmware or can I use a NEC Firmware?

Now my main question is how exactly do I boot into DOS? I use WinXP and it doesnt use DOS if I remeber correctly. Also I dont have a floppy drive. Will a USB Floppy Drive work?


i don’t remember if it’s possible to boot into dos with a usb drive, but you can create a dos boot cd and put your flashing files onto that. you can use either tdk or nec firmware. there was firmware available to turn the 1100a into a 1300a (allowing the burning of dvd-r/rw) if you’re interested in looking for that.


Thanks for all the help. Got my burner workign again plus it burns DVD’s now, which it didn’t do before my firmware problem. The only thing is that now in My Computer it shows up as a regular CD Drive, but it can burn DVD’s and everyhtign in Nero so its all good.



Glad that your back up and running-



Dont hand out the congratulations jsut yet, Its happened again.

Turned on PC a few minutes ago and light was blinking like before. Went to flash and now ehn I flash via DOs I get an error no matter what firmware I try to use.

Guess Im just not meant to have a DVD burner.


lol, guess I spoke too soon. Took the drive out, went to a meeting, came back, put the drive back in and it flashed on the 1st try. Is the firmware battery operated or something?



The firmware is on a chip on the board inside your drive and holds the information that makes it operate - sets the speed for various media to burn - sets the under run protection, etc-

The only thing that has a battery in your desktop is on the motherboard-



Can Firmware go bad?



Honestly - have not heard of any going bad - unless you have a power outage while flashing or exit flashing program too soon before it’s finished - or try to flash to a drive with firmware that is not ment for that drive-



Well, I guess mine is the 1st to go bad because the drive has stopped working again an gives me the same error everytime I try to install the firmware again. Guess I’ll have to shell out the money for a decent burner (definatly wont be a TDK or any drive remotly related to NEC).