How do I fit 5.5 GB on a DVD+R?

I have an image file (nrg) and it totals about 5.5 GB. I want to burn it onto a DVD but the DVD capacity is 4.7 GB.

Is there a solution to fit the file image in the DVD?



is this file a movie? if so you can try to open it in nero recode and see if there are any title sets or extra audio tracks you can strip out then compress the remaining video to DVD-5 and burn

MagicISO will allow you to compress this image.

Not if it’s compressed already.

Yes, I know. He didn’t say the image file was compressed.

The other solution is to use a dual layer dvd—if your burner is capable of burning to dual layer disks, and you want to pay the premium price for the media. The only reliable dual layer disks that are widely available are made by Verbatim.

Overburning on DVD is also no option, only using a DL or mounting the image and splitting or shrinking it before…