How do I fit 11 hours onto 1 CD

I’m very new to all of this, and I have 11 hours worth an audio book that I want to put onto a CD for a beach trip i’m taking this weekend. I do have an MP3 Ready sytem in my vehicle and was wondering the best way about doing this. The file is on my computer already so I just need to figure out what I need to be doing. Thanks in advance!

What computer operating system do you run? (windows, mac etc.)
What is the size and file format of the audio book? (700MB, mp3 etc.)

I run Windows, and It is 891 MB’s

Okay, I am assuming MP3.

Your standard CD R is about 700MB.

You might look for some free MP3 compressing software.

Kk Cool… Monkeys Audio was first that came up on Google… Anything wrong with it?

I would search cnet forums or sourceforge.

You never know the reputability of those google searches, I’ll see if I can find you one.


When you try to burn the CD, you might also be able to set a quality setting, which will lower the size of the MP3.


Try this:


OK so my options are… to resize to 80kbit to 22 kHz for 743.01 MB


The next lowest is 64kbit to 22khz for 594.41 MB??? Don’t know wut these mean.

Basically, the lower kbit you go, the less quality of sound you will get.

Will the 741 MB fit onto 1 disk? Also do I just burn it as Data? Or wut do I burn it as because when I try Audio it always says its wayy to much.

As a separate thing, if it’s all one file: after you get the bitrate you need put the file in MP3DirectCut and cut it into 5 or 10 minute pieces. FFing and REWing through 11 hours sucks.

Oo thats a good idea, TY very much