How do i find the file needed to burn from hdrive to blank dvd

ok, i have dvddecrypter and instant copy installed.icopy indecryper to hardrive ok.if i try to burn useing todecrpter or instant copy,it asks for a file. i can find were it is copied on my harddrive ok,in this case fellowship of the ring=local disc c=lotr_the_fellowship_of the ring,click on get video_ts click on i get 8 files= vts_01 vob and so on.sorry for being thick which file do i use and how to burn back to create a film on dvd.colin

DVD Decrypter will only burn ISO files mad from fully autored DVD’s, not just copied to your HD VOB file.

Rip the WHOLE DVD to you HD with DVD DEcrypter.
Then use Instant Copy to convert these files to fit to a DVDR
Either use InstantCopy to burn to DVDR or save to HD as pdi files. Then use pdi2iso to convert to ISO file, then burn this with DVD Decrypter.