How do I find out?

I have just purchaced my first DVD writer a Benq 1620 and the firmware is G7M9 what should i do to make it show up as a Benq?

There are a ton of procedures on here to do a cross flash. Just do a quick search for cross flash procedure. Congratulations on your new BenQ :). I love mine and I’m sure you will love yours. This foum is a wealth of knowledge and the people on here are top notch. Any questions please ask away.

you can flash your burner directly with Benq’s latest B7T9 fw.
Just download fw and flash it under Safe Mode.

very easy!!! nothing to it!!!

make sure there’s no media in the drive before you flash!!!

After you reboot, your drive will show as the Benq dw1620 :B7T9!!!

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Yes, but not the retail version because bigrob68 has a G firmware. I believe he needs to use WinDWFlash.exe with a B firmware .cvt file from your above posted link. Anyhow, there are other threads that explain the process in more detail that bigrob68 should first read before flashing.

Just did this with mine, I cut and pasted the instructions someone else posted here earlier to a text file . . . here it is - just do what it says!

Note - many suggest running the flasher from safe mode but mine gave me an error (aspi or something if I remember right . . .) so I just ran it from Windows and it worked fine.

How to crossflash the Benq 1620

There have been a lot of questions lately on how this is accomplished and what is the best method to use etc…here is what I did and have so far had ZERO problems. This is for those people who have the G7 OEM firmware…

  1. First go to
  2. Grab the windows flasher called WinDWFlash.exe
  3. Grab B7P9.CVT
  4. Flash to B7P9 using the windows flasher
  5. Reboot computer
  6. Now grab B7T9 from Benq site here
  7. Run the exe and flash to B7T9, reboot computer and finished.

I would choose to go to B7P9 as this was the first Pro firmware out. Also there has been speculation about the integrity of the CVT file for B7T9. Using the exe from benq will assure no problems. Please add comments to help those who need it…

he can flash his drive directly with the retail version, I did it with my OEM drive. Using .cvt with windwflash is another way to do it, some people prefer one over the other. :slight_smile:

This .cvt file is identical to what I have extracted myself from the .exe file.

And I can ensure everybody, it’s working GREAT. :smiley:


I used it myself and had zero problems. Worked like a champ. :slight_smile:

Bah, I’m assuming the wrong graphic was posted and why the post was edited with image removed? hehe, won’t bother. Just noticed the BenQ is locked into 8x on my RicohJPNR01’s. :wink: