How do I find my IP Address?

I have some very valuable pictures on my Laptop of when I was in Iraq last year. I want to connect to the laptop from my desktop to transfer the pictures across. If I could just find the IP Address of the laptop I could connect with Flash FXP. I have connected a CAT 5 Ethernet crossover cable (normally used to FTP my Xbox). I have tried and failed. Please help!

isn’t the default ip address for a networked pc
or if you want to know the ip address on the net click here

I am interested is this also! This would be a good thread on transfering data by cable from one box to another!

Go to your Start menu>Run>Type in CMD> then type ipconfig/all.:wink:

ok, I’ve found what the laptop’s ip address is, but there is a box in flash FXP for username and password, so I typed in my username for that machine and password, but it’s still not connecting. I need a tutorial on this.

your laptop and desktop need to be in the same workgroup if both are windows boxs. also, sharing needs to be enabled on the laptop so your desktop can see the hard drive…:slight_smile:

the ip adresses are not even needed for this kind of transfer, it’s windows file sharing, all you need is the crossover cable, (it must be a true crossover cable, not just a cat5 patch cable. both machines need to be the same workgroup name (in xp the default is mshome, but any group name will do)
and the drive you want to transfer from needs sharing enabled.

if your are going to use ip addresses, both must be of the same subnet. ie laptop is , desktop must be 192.168.1.something else.

hope this helps…:slight_smile:

How about a floppy, USB thumb drive, or uploading them somewhere on the internet like


That will give you your IP Add.

Set your laptop next to the desktop and use a “USB 2.0 Data Link File Transfer Cable”.

Someone replied to my question seven and a half years ago with the exact same response, but thanks anyway :o

[QUOTE=Garybrown02;2698701]Someone replied to my question seven and a half years ago with the exact same response, but thanks anyway :o[/QUOTE]

Well at least it still works though. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Wombler;2698704]Well at least it still works though. :slight_smile:


Even in [B]WINDOWS 8[/B]…:eek::eek::bigsmile:

Can you use a USB flash card? If so, you can do whatever you like with them.

This is one instance of someone playing “raise the dead” (ala’ Addams Family)
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But only because the OP is still around to give left handed thanks for the long belated answer.

The ip address can always be found under your bed.