How do I find CD-RW drive IDE info in WinXP?

I guess I’m in the newbie forum for a reason right? Anyway, I’m still really unfamiliar with XP as my last comp had Win95. I need to find out whether my GCE-8320B CD-RW drive is a primary slave/secondary slave etc so I can flash it with new firmware. I went to System in the Control Panel, then click the Hardware tab, then clicked device manager. Then I see that there are seperate branches for IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and DVD/CD-ROM drives. I cant find what I need by looking at the properties for either. So…how do I find out?

Click here, download & install [COLOR=purple]Nero Info Tool then go to the Configuration tab and you’ll see what you got.[/COLOR]

yes you can open up the ide/atapi controllers tree in device manager then choose properties on primary or secondary ide channel and it will tell you what is on primary/secondary channel on the advanced tab:)

Well, thats the thing, I went to Device Manager and hit Properties for both IDE channels, but it doesnt actually tell me what devices are on the channel. I suppose it doest matter anyway since Info Tool told me what I needed know.

Thanks alot both of you!

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but it doesnt actually tell me what devices are on the channel.

That’s right. That’s why I came up with Nero Info Tool :wink:

Yes, you’re welcome ! :smiley: