How Do I Find a Video File's Frame Rate


I am using Nero 6 to convert some downloaded video files to VCD or SVCD. Nero can create the disc as PAL or NTSC but I assume the quality would B best if it is kept closest to the original file format. (If not please let me know.) Windows or Media Player don’t provide the frame rate. Is there an easy way 2 find out or an easy 2 use program that can provide this info?

Thanx 4 looking

With virtual dub :
File->File Information

Thanx 4 replying.

I downloaded VirtualDub but I have an inconsistency.

According 2 Windows Media Player a particular file that I have has a resolution of 375 x 288. When I load the file in VirtualDub it reports the resolution as 352 x 288 which is the VCD standard. I think VirtualDub is reporting the converted output stats instead of the input file information.

Then again I don’t trust anything made by Microsoft either.

OK ! So try with Bitrate viewer
U can find it here :

Well if it were a VCD then it would be 352x288 with a 4:3 aspect ratio flag and as such 384x288 on playback.

BitRate View also reports the file as 352 x 288 so I guess Media Player is wrong.

Both BitRate View & Virtual Dub list another video I was trying 2 burn as 352 x 288 @ 25fps which is the PAL VCD standard but Nero says the file is incompatible & needs 2 B reencoded.


Anyway the fact that I can detect the correct frame rate will let me decide if a file is best made as a PAL or NTSC VCD.

celtic_druid, I am as confused as ever now that I know a file has 2 ways 2 measure it’s resolution but thanx anyway!!!