How do I extract audio tracks from an enhanced CD

Hi folks, new to CD freaks, but I am a fairly savvy user.

I have one that has me stumped. I have an enhanced CD that has one large mpg file on it, and a couple of 1k files that show as in my file manager (windows XP)as DB, and DF files. It has 12 audio tracks that play fine in a standard CD player. It will play the audio tracks in powerdvd only on my PC, and not in windows media player (media player only will show and play the mpg video.

I want to extract the 12 audio tracks, into mp3’s, and do not have a clue on how to do it. I have done dozens of Google searches for tools to enable me decode the audio tracks off this CD so that I can create mp3s from them with no success.

I could sure use some direction on how to accomplish this.

Thanks in advance.

No problem. Transferring to the CD Freaks ‘Audio’ subforum…

Have you tried with CDex?

I have an audio CD, with an mpeg file on it also, and when put into CDex, the CD shows up all the audio tracks, as well as a data track (assuming that’s the mpeg).

Anyway…I can choose the audio files only, and rip them to mp3 with CDex.

Not sure if it’s the same thing as you, but worth a try nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Have you tried using EAC or Foobar2000? They should be able to do it and are free.

best thing ive used to extract audio files is blaze media pro.

Thanks folks for your responses. I tried Arachne’s suggestion re: CDEX, and it did exactly what I wanted. The software saw the tracks with-in the MPG file, and allowed me to extract them as MP3 files. I appreciate the help, and now have another tool to help with my audio video needs in my tool chest. This is a great site for reference.

Also in my quest to solve this problem I down loaded Xilisoft Video Converter 3. I was very impressed with the software re: video conversion, for future reference.

You’re welcome, glad it worked (I use CDex a lot), and that you also found other stuff to suit your needs :slight_smile: