How do I extract a scene from a DVD video?

I have a dvd film on disc there is a scene i want to extract from the disc and convert it into a avi or mpeg how would i do this? :confused:

thanks for the help

Use VOBCut (Google it). That allows you to cut ‘sections’ from VOBs. Then you can use VirtudalDub to encode to DivX avi :slight_smile:

Virtualdub using Avisynth or VirtualdubMOD, to be precisely.

Use Cuttermaran to cut the section you want; open the VOB(s) with DGIndex to create a .d2v file; write an AviSynth script to frameserve the video and to apply any filters (such as deinterlace, crop, resize etc.); and finally open the AviSynth script in VirtualDub and encode with your chosen codec.

Edit: I forgot, DGIndex should also output an audio track, convert this to mp3, AAC, Vorbis, whatever with BeSweet and then mux it back together in VirtualDub during the encoding stage.

thnaks i give these a try

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I extract scenes from my video with Matermark Master.

As a matter of fact, it’s pretty good program for processing videos and images.

There is comprehensive help section. Personally I haven’t met any troubles in understanding its functionality.