How do i enter longer disc labels?

I’m trying to burn a data DVD with Nero Burnong ROM and when i choose UDF as the file format i can only have 15 character labels. If i switch to UDF/ISO then i can type a longer label but it still only burns the 15 character length to the DVD.

For example this is what it looks like for the game Black and White 2 under the Label tab using the manual option.


I want BLACK_AND_WHITE_2 but all i get is BLACK_AND_WHITE for my max label entry when it burns the compilation. How can i burn longer label names?


try these settings

Thats CD-ROM (ISO). I’m burning data to a DVD and some of the files are farely large so i need to probably use UDF or UDF/ISO because ISO has a limit of 2GB file size. I’m burning game images to DVD. I’m also using Nero Thanks for the help though.

Looks the problem i’m having is a Nero bug that Nero hasn’t decided to fix yet.

What is another good option outside of Nero for burning multisession DVD data discs?

I only burn DVD movies but what I do in this situation is let Nero create a disc image & then burn it with Imgburn or DVD Decrypter. With either of these you can change the volume label to a 31 character name.