How do I enhance my computer's performance?


I have a Vista 32 bit operating on an Acer Aspire computer. I have recently improved my ram from 450mb to 1 Gig ram. it’s a lot faster than usual but…

How do I improve my computer’s performance, not just on it’s own but also it’s connection to the Internet? Are there programs that will help me?



for Vista, you should have 2 GB RAM installed. :wink:

Your internet connection depends on the bandwith granted by your ISP. There is no software that can change that.

Given, your computer was equipped with 512 MB RAM (possibly shared with VGA), I assume this is a slightly older computer. Not a good idea to install Vista on such hardware.



for Vista, you should have 2 GB RAM installed. :wink:

:iagree: Adding more RAM is the No1 performance booster!!!

Is it a laptop ar desktop? If you don’t have a hard drive at least with 120GB and a CPU @ 1GHz, I would go for XP as already noted :wink:

If it is a desktop you might be able to over clock the CPU. You will need to read up on this some before trying it. There are plenty of web sites detailing this process. Do a Google search and you will have plenty to choose from.