How do i enable V-SYNC?

how do i enable v-sync in the nvidia control panel? i can’t find that option, and since the nvidia panel is displayed at a different language which i couldn’t understand, there’s no way for me to find that v-sync option. so please help me, post pictures if you can, please i need to find that option, please help!

many thanks

I’ve always thought you enabled V-SYNC inside the game itself…

You could try Riva Tuner or DXTweaker to enabled V-Sync/Tripe Buffering.


it is under performance and quality settings:
View Advanced settings

it is set at application control default, change it to on.

hope this gets you going


thank you, it was difficult for me to find it because the control panel was displayed at a different language which i barely understand, i had alot of trouble finding it but thanks to the pic i was able to get vsync running, thank you.

i noticed there’s a application profile called “doom3” in the performance and quality setting (where the “global driver setting” is), right now i’m playing doom3 and i was wondering if i should switch over to the doom3 profile, so what are the benefits of using that profile? switching profiles again and again seems too tedious for me and i was just wondering if it’s worth it, thanks…