How do i emulate Counter Strike Condition Zero

hello all,
i have bought counter strike condition zero (asia pacific edition), and i have a samsung CDRW SW-248F 48/24/48.
my cd writer is in a very bad condition and right now i dont want to buy any new hardware.
i want to know if there is any way in which i can emulate my game on a virtual cd drive.
i have tried nero( imagedrive and it does NOT work, it says something about “failed to verify original cd rom” when i try to mount the image and start the game.
i would be grateful to anyone who could guide me on how to emulate this game on a virtual cd drive.

p.s. i dunno much about computers so please explain without fancy jargon.

You Will Not Go So Far With A CD-RW In Bad State, I Recommend To You This Page Here You Can Buy Anything That Haves To Do With Computers
After That Read It With Alcohol 120% With The Profile " Securom NEW (4.xx/5xx) "
Then In The Emulation Options Chose “Emulate RMPS” And Mount The Image Of Counter Strike Condition Zero, The Game Will Run Perfectly…

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Perhaps you should consider buying a new keyboard from there. You’re Capslock key appears to be broken.


You should try as well sometimes they fetch really good prices, but it depends where you are located (UK,US etc).

thanks i can finally copy it successfuly play it without the cd and what would b the best copy protection scanner

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