How do I edit audio in a DVD movie then recode?

I’m new. I’ve searched and read your forum for weeks and found some answers, but not all. Sorry if this is a repeat question.

I want to silence offensive words in some backup DVD movies. I used DVDDecrypter in IFO mode to extract the main VOB file. Next, I used VOBEdit to extract the M2V and AC3 files from the VOB. Then, I used AC3Tools to convert the AC3 to WAV. Next, I used Audacity to silence the offensive words. Finally, I used ffmpeg to convert the WAV back to AC3. (The new AC3 is exactly the same size as the original.)

Now I’ve reached a dead-end. How can I combined the new AC3 file with the original M2V and IFO files to recreate the main VOB? :confused:

Once I achieve that, I think I can use Nero to re-encode the DVD.

I’ve resolved this question. imkidd57 told me to use ImagoMPEG Muxer and it worked great!