How do I edit a raw VOB file?

Hi there,

I have a few VOB files I would like to cut bits out of here and there and genraly edit the files as a whole.
I want the file to be saved back to a raw VOB too and not compressed in any way and don’t want to lose any quality at all if poss

Is there any good editor that is ‘noob’ friendly similar fasion to Windows Movie Maker that will work with VOBs?

Many thanks

Maybe try vobedit and visit

Windows Movie Make doesn’t seem to be a good example.
You have chef’s advice and the link has a lot of info.
If you don’t mind to get a commercial product a beginner’s level you can look for Ulead VideoStudio, or Pinnacle and Magix similar packages - not that expensive and the last versions seem to accept, or at least to import VOB files for editing.
I don’t get the idea of “raw VOB” fles, as VOB are part of DVD structure and the result other formats you input during the authoring process, the closest being Mpeg2 DVD compatible files (that get some more information at the header level to become VOBs), and all these are compressed files. Maybe you intend to refer to re-rendering the files, and that will depend on your editing, used package and fianl file size.
For simple cuts and keeping the compression ratio, some software doesn’t re-render the files.

Like Chef suggests vobedit is good and free. If you want to do more with VOB’s, like transitions on your cuts, change brightness, adjust audio level, try Womble’s Mpeg Video Wizard DVD.
This one will take VOB file without encoding and after edit will export to DVD.
It is not free, but worth to check out.