How do I dub and the Microphone Picks it Up?



I’m trying to do a simple vocal dub over an audio using Audacity. It doesn’t need to be a brilliant quality, just so as I can hear the vocal. The volume is so minimal.

I’ve tried maximizing the input volume and minimizing the output, nothing changes. I’ve checked out the control panel and the default device is Conexant AMC Audio for both playback and recording. There’s no balance control to the microphone in the recording control of the control panel, but I’ve got it at its highest and it’s selected and nothing is muted.

How do I go about being able to input into the microphone and the damn laptop playing it back with the audio?


Laptops usually are very unfriendly for microphone recording . If you’are using Vista things get even worse. I overcome the problem with an external (usb) Soundblaster Surround 5.1 card and everything is fine now.
Anyway, Audacity is not always quite reliable either, so you could try another software for sound editing/recording. A very simple one is “Super Mp3 recorder” from Admiresoft, which can do what you want very straighforwardly.