How do I download M3U songs onto harddrive ? (I'll pay for help)

I need help downloading M3U songs onto my harddrive , And whoever can assist me, I will have no problem paying you for your assistance.

I have tried a couple of software’s like streamripper , but they are really confusing to me, I guess its confusing to me becuause its the first time Ive tried ripping & download m3u’s

anyways, If someone can link me a sofware I can download (free) or email me some software…and also email me in detail how to rip m3u’s from websites like ( using that software

I will have no problem sending you $50 via paypal

Thanks and I really look forward to any assistance asap, as I need to downlaod some songs by tonight !

Take care

email me at -
or just post it up

You don’t download m3u files. They are just playlists for mp3 files. If you mean you want to rip an audio cd to mp3 you could try something like eac

Didn’t even see this one at first…I gave my answers in this thread:

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