How do I do quality scans (CD Speed) with DVR-109?



I have read that these are not all that accurate, but I only have one burner. What do I need to do to get these scans to show up in CD-DVDSpeed? Is there some trick to it?

Pioneer DVR-109 and Nero 6.6.x.x

Sorry if there’s already a thread, but I couldn’t find one…


Check this out:


so … no luck
if you are a pioneer [asus] owner you have to find a friend with a plextor or liteon [teac, sony] to do a quality scan
or buy the drive :frowning:

PS: plextor 16 is twice the price of pioneer 109


BenQ 1620 :wink:


I went here and now I can do the scans (for whatever they are worth). I don’t think I will buy another drive just to scan. The Pioneers look like they burn excellent with good media from all of the posts I’ve read. I am going to do the slowest possible burn and use those numbers as my personal “benchmark” for my usual burns (done at 8X with TY’s and Verb’s)… Who knows… maybe the “bug” will bite me too, and I may spring for another drive to scan!!!

BTW, how well would my “stock” drive in my laptop do with scans (Samsung SN-324F 24X24X24 CDRW 8X DVD ROM)?


First scan is here:


Probably everyone know’s that scanning with a pioneer sucks. thats the reason, i buyed a plextor for scanning. but you can also use a benq or liteon dvd-burner with kprobe. check this site out for supportet drives:


Bet a proper drive: either BenQ DW1640 or DW1620 Pro. :slight_smile: